The changing value-chain of system design

One of the topics touched on at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) Europe 2017 was the way that the electronics and semiconductor value-chain has been changing over the last few years. The traditional value-chain has very simply been:

CEO update – the importance of automotive electronics


Oliver MaiwaldAnyone involved in the automotive electronics industry has known about the growing importance of electrical and electronic systems in the car. We have all seen the number of ECUs rise dramatically even within standard car models, with all aspects of the car seeing greater electrification. And of course, when you look at the trend to more (semi-) autonomous vehicles, this importance is only going to rise.  


System in Package considerations for RF


The inaugural Dutch RF Conference on the Novio Tech Campus was an inspirational event. Not only did it bring together some of the best engineers in RF from around the Netherlands, it put a spotlight on the innovation currently being pursued in and around Nijmegen. And there was a lot to choose from - advances in low power

Building a cost-effective AESA sensor solution


For the past few years, Sencio has been part of the Thales-led Daring Applications & Innovations in Sensor Systems (DAISY) project to develop a cost-effective Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar module. Current AESA radar modules tend to be very expensive systems, which limits their use. By developing a smaller, cost-effective sensor module the aim of the DAISY project is to open this technology up to a range of other applications. 

Electrifying cars


If you have been following automotive industry news over the last few months you may have noticed the increasing number of stories about electric and autonomous cars. From Mercedes-Benz unveiling the all-electric EQ SUV concept to China's NextEV 1,360 hp ‘supercar’, there has been a plethora of developments. And that’s not to forget Elon Musk and his ongoing Tesla story. One thing all these stories have in common is the continuing electrification of the car. 

CEO update – an 'interesting' year for Sencio


For Sencio 2016 has certainly been a real rollercoaster of a ride, as we closed one chapter and started the next. The year began with finalizing our move to the Novio Tech Campus. This mainly involved moving our offices to our new home, but it also meant getting the new assembly space up to speed and re-certified.

New home, new website, new horizons


This past quarter has been a very busy one for everyone here at Sencio. We are getting used to our new surroundings and settling in nicely at the Novio Tech Campus. That’s allowed us to focus on a few actions to finalize the move, like setting up our guest WiFi access so our customers can easily connect to the Internet when visiting us. 

PAMPA project realizes first RF plastic

package demonstrators


Plastic packages such as QFN and BGA are widely used in all kinds of applications from consumer up to automotive. But due to the extreme conditions often found in aerospace applications, they still rely on hermetically-sealed metal or ceramic packaging. That unfortunately also comes with a significant price tag.  

nCapsulate brings real benefits to industrial



Industrial based applications need to be rugged and able to run at optimal levels under the most rigorous of conditions. However, encapsulating an IC, sensor or MEMS device that will operate optimally in harsh environments can be challenging. Our nCapsulate technology offers you the possibility to adapt the outline of the package directly to your application. 

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The changing value-chain of system design One of the topics touched on at the...

CEO update – the importance of automotive electronics   Anyone involved in the...

System in Package considerations for RF
Tuesday, 03 January 2017
System in Package considerations for RF   The inaugural Dutch RF Conference on...

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