nCapsulate brings real benefits to industrial



Industrial based applications need to be rugged and able to run at optimal levels under the most rigorous of conditions. However, encapsulating an IC, sensor or MEMS device that will operate optimally in harsh environments can be challenging. Our nCapsulate technology offers you the possibility to adapt the outline of the package directly to your application. 

Sencio nCapsulate

This enables higher integration levels in systems and lets you reduce process steps in second level housing. For example, building structures on top of an optical sensor can simplify the placement of additional optical lenses. By enabling excellent lens alignment accuracy – with positioning down to the +/- 20 µm range – nCapsulate can eliminate the need for optical alignment of each device in the production process. This can deliver significant cost savings, opening the door to more cost-sensitive industrial applications.  

The ability to combine electronic with mechanical elements (mounting, alignment and support features) using nCapsulate means you can create real, practical solutions that simplify system challenges. It’s important to understand that adapting a device to nCapsulate does require a rethinking of the entire system. This is why it is important that we engage with our customers at the very beginning of the sensor development phase. 

Do you think your project would benefit by being nCapsulate’d, then either download our white paper or get in touch.   


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