PAMPA project realizes first RF plastic

package demonstrators


Plastic packages such as QFN and BGA are widely used in all kinds of applications from consumer up to automotive. But due to the extreme conditions often found in aerospace applications, they still rely on hermetically-sealed metal or ceramic packaging. That unfortunately also comes with a significant price tag.  

In February 2015 Sencio joined the Horizon 2020 concept project PAMPA (Plastic Components for Advanced Microwave Equipment of Next Generation SatCom Payloads). This 2-year EU funded R&D project aim is to create plastic encapsulated microwave component to effectively reduce the costs in telecom satellites. This meant developing a complete supply chain for the assembly of RF devices using BGA and QFN packages for aerospace satellite applications.

One of the key milestones of the project was reached in May of this year, with Sencio delivering demonstrator devices to the consortium for testing and evaluation. Thermal resistance of the QFN-package is one of the focus points, so we are evaluating different die attach adhesives and highly filled Ag-sintering glues. UMS already delivers commercial versions of these RF devices, which are being used to benchmark the performance of our dedicated aerospace package development.

One of the first results was that the business case for developing a dedicated BGA package didn’t work out. The required annual quantities simply didn’t justify the investment required. Therefore, the project will use an ‘existing’ IMEC flip-chip BGA which will be overmolded by Sencio.

In addition to the demonstrations we are assembling different GaN-devices from IMEC for thermal evaluation of different Ag-sintering materials and standard epoxy glues.

Interested in finding out more about this project or the potential benefits of developing a QFN package using Ag-sintering materials, then contact us today.


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