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For many applications the package can often play as big a role as the silicon. This is most clearly seen with sensors, where sensors and sensor interfaces are typically customized devices. Each device is designed specifically to meet the exact nature of the application, environment and medium that the sensor needs to operate within.


As creative experts in our field, we understand all the different packaging technologies, tools, materials, assembly constraints and potential design restrictions. This expertise has been built up during many years of high volume manufacturing of sensor products for the automotive industry. After going over your review of your specification together, we will help you define your essential requirements and start the package design.


Of course our nCapsulate technology allows you to take your design to a higher level. You can incorporate alignment features, mounting support and even custom shapes. That brings flexibility to secondary housing design to ensure it better fits the needs of the end use case as well as aesthetics. It also helps save assembly time and effort while improving overall efficiency.


Want to develop a cost-effective functional packaging solution? Contact us to learn more.

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