Custom-designed package for Temic-Conti front-airbag acceleration sensor was introduced in 1997


Different technologies are combined in this functional package design, including stress free sensor mounting, globtop molding, multi-die encapsulation and a very special leadframe design with customized trim-and-form.

First application of our exposed die molding for an optical linear array sensor used in an automotive power-steering application


In 1997 we developed a functional package for an optical linear array.

An absolute pressure sensor device used in an automotive side airbag application


Using the cavity molding technology a pre-molded cavity was created in a SOIC 20 JEDEC outline package in which we mounted and assembled an ultra-small pressure sensor.

A functional fluid sensor package ready for automotive application


The SOIC 28 Fluid Condition Sensor package demonstrates a typical use of our cavity molding technology.

Packaging technologies - MCM Molding

Your complete multichip system in one functional package


One of the key packaging technologies capable of handling increasing system complexity is the multichip module (MCM).

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