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At Sencio we are eager to apply our technical skills and many years of experience to developing solutions for specific applications in need of functional packages. Our innovative capabilities have enabled us to enter joint-development projects leading to successful production partnerships.

Oliver Maiwald – CEO


Oliver Maiwald, CEO
After developing DECT hardware and software applications at Höft & Wessel, Oliver began his semiconductor career at National Semiconductor as a product application engineer. Here he gained both technical and customer expertise, working on everything from RF and software to full applications. He then went into product marketing at Dialog Semiconductor, where he led efforts to integrate DECT into internet access devices. Oliver joined Sencio as CEO on March 1, 2014. He is also the inventor of DECT ULE. 


John Pleumeekers – COO


John Pleumeekers, COO Sencio
With 25 years of service to Sencio, and now as one of the owners, John has been involved first-hand in many of the company’s important business changes and technical innovations. Having first stated in 1988 implementing a CIM system with Eurasem, he held a number of roles before becoming Managing Director of Elmos Advanced Packaging in 2001.Since then John has overseen Sencio’s transition to the functional packaging center. Now his position as Chief Operating Officer allows him to focus on operations management in both our European and Far East business. John also takes an active role as a board member of the important regional body, Business Cluster Semiconductors (BCS) – Eastern Netherlands.


Ignas van Dommelen – CSO


Ignas van Dommelen, CSO Sencio
Ignas has been active in semiconductor assembly since 1984, when he started as a package development engineer at Philips Semiconductor Nijmegen. In 1991 he joined Eurasem with responsibility for developing special assembly solutions for various applications and has been heavily involved in the company’s successful technology developments including the exposed die molding process. Today Ignas is responsible for Sencio’s business development, sales and marketing, and is also an active member of the SEMI MEMS-summit committee as well as of the steering committee of the SEMI special interest group ESiPAT.




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