A new company with a long history

Sencio founded on 1st of January 2011, in Nijmegen, Netherlands is an innovative package and assembly solutions design house for MEMs and sensors systems that bridges the gap between your sensor system and the application.

Sencio’s plastic transfer moulding package solutions offer an optimized application of your sensor system for industrial, automotive, medical and space applications. Our functional packaging technologies range from exposed die-, glass on die- molding up to multi-die chip packaging (SiP = System in Package or MCM = Multi Chip Module), among many others. nCapsulate (Freeform packaging) is a new level of encapsulation, which can be accurately shaped and adapted to the exact requirements of your application. Sencio can also embed electronics and mechanical elements using this nCapsulate -technology, offering a real practical solution that simplifies system challenges like: - improved alignment, - mounting- and sealing-features, - increased measurement accuracy, - greater thermal conductivity and improved efficiency.

All above with a clear view on our prospects and listening to our customers’ requirements and market trends. As we really want to understand what is bothering you, come to us with your problem, not with your solution.



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