Joint learning delivers new RFID solution for NedCard

As a specialized semiconductor assembly and testing company, NedCard is a leading player in tailored chip card package solutions, mainly for banking, telecom and eGovernment.

Assembly landscape is changing

The landscape for semiconductor and sensor assembly is changing. On one hand we see the move to further miniaturization through wafer-scale packaging,

Refining the design of a chemiluminescence biochip

At the end of January, Sencio joined the rest of the Biochip project team (including development partners EPR Partner, Micronit and Fuse Design Consultants) for a two day bootcamp in Hotel Ruimzicht (Doetinchem, NL) organised by the project’s lead, Enzyre. The focus of the bootcamp was to draw up and refine

EuroPAT-MASIP – bold aims for European packaging

Towards the end of September, the EuroPAT-MASIP project outlined some of its goals and targets (read the EuroPAT-MASIP press release). With Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL) Joint Undertaking approved funding, the project aims to  develop packages for six pilot products:

PAMPA final review highlights outstanding results

On the 20th September, the PAMPA (Plastic Components for Advanced Microwave Equipment of New Generation SatCom PAyloads) project team held their final project review at the Thales Alenia Space premises in Toulouse, France.

EuroPAT-MASIP project is live

The European Packaging, Assembly and Test Pilot for Manufacturing of Advanced System-In-Package (EuroPAT-MASIP) project was officially kicked off in Berlin back in April with the full consortium present. By focusing on the semiconductor and MEMS packaging ecosystem it aims to reinforce the European

The changing value-chain of system design

One of the topics touched on at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) Europe 2017 was the way that the electronics and semiconductor value-chain has been changing over the last few years. The traditional value-chain has very simply been:

System in Package considerations for RF


The inaugural Dutch RF Conference on the Novio Tech Campus was an inspirational event. Not only did it bring together some of the best engineers in RF from around the Netherlands, it put a spotlight on the innovation currently being pursued in and around Nijmegen. And there was a lot to choose from - advances in low power

Building a cost-effective AESA sensor solution


For the past few years, Sencio has been part of the Thales-led Daring Applications & Innovations in Sensor Systems (DAISY) project to develop a cost-effective Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar module. Current AESA radar modules tend to be very expensive systems, which limits their use. By developing a smaller, cost-effective sensor module the aim of the DAISY project is to open this technology up to a range of other applications. 

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Joint learning delivers new RFID solution for NedCard As a specialized...

Assembly landscape is changing The landscape for semiconductor and sensor...

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