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If you have been following automotive industry news over the last few months you may have noticed the increasing number of stories about electric and autonomous cars. From Mercedes-Benz unveiling the all-electric EQ SUV concept to China's NextEV 1,360 hp ‘supercar’, there has been a plethora of developments. And that’s not to forget Elon Musk and his ongoing Tesla story. One thing all these stories have in common is the continuing electrification of the car. 

Electronics have been the main driver in car innovation for some time now. But recently this seems to have been focused on the current trend leaning towards pure battery driven vehicles. Whether this is the route that all cars will take is still up for discussion – in fact many see conventional means of propulsion continuing to be dominant until 2030. However, what it has done is bring focus onto alternative forms of propulsion and power trains in general. In turn this has led to increased developments around current sensing, power switching and even hydrogen gas sensing. 

nCapsulate with shaft and magnet

These sensing technologies are rapidly changing the way the car is powered and existing products based on the Hall-effect are being replaced as more accurate data is required. Integrating sensors directly into the power systems themselves previously has been a challenge, but this is where Sencio’s nCapsulate technology comes into its own. The sensor can easily be integrated along with control electronics and mechanical components including magnets. That allows for extremely close and accurate measurement in electric motors and drives, providing the feedback systems are increasingly demanding.

So, whether it’s mild hybrid, full-hybrid, fuel-cell full hybrid or fuel-cell / battery direct drive, the electrification of the car is well under way and the next generation of encapsulated sensor technologies are helping driving the change.

Interested in finding out more about how we can support current sensing, power switching or hydrogen gas sensors, then contact us today.



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