Building a cost-effective AESA sensor solution


For the past few years, Sencio has been part of the Thales-led Daring Applications & Innovations in Sensor Systems (DAISY) project to develop a cost-effective Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar module. Current AESA radar modules tend to be very expensive systems, which limits their use. By developing a smaller, cost-effective sensor module the aim of the DAISY project is to open this technology up to a range of other applications. 

DAISYAt the recent Dutch RF Conference, Simon van den Berg from Thales presented some results from the project. One of the main costs in an AESA sensor is the transmit / receive module. By developing a highly-integrated system architecture, the DAISY team managed to create a modular system that delivers a factor 10 cost reduction. Not only that, the system is also significantly thinner and more mobile – a difference comparable with a classic CRT TV and todays ultra-thin LED displays. All this while maintaining accuracy, flexibility and image resolution.

The outcome of this DAISY project was a tested hardware model that shows how the low cost AESA sensor concept works. In effect this is only the start of the project as it is still in the pre-industrialization phase. However, additional funding was secured to take the project into a second phase (DAISY 2). This will see the technology demonstrator developed into a mature product ripe for market. The team at Sencio are looking forward to playing a major role in the development of the product.

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