Refining the design of a chemiluminescence biochip

At the end of January, Sencio joined the rest of the Biochip project team (including development partners EPR Partner, Micronit and Fuse Design Consultants) for a two day bootcamp in Hotel Ruimzicht (Doetinchem, NL) organised by the project’s lead, Enzyre. The focus of the bootcamp was to draw up and refine

the design of the biochip, which will result in a cheap, simple, small and applicable design for point of care diagnostics and disease management that will be used in areas without any laboratory infrastructure.

Bootcamp Biochip project
Bootcamp Biochip project


Among the key elements of the integrated microfluidic cartridge for the Enzyre biochip platform are optical sensors and Enzyre’s proprietary chemiluminescence technology. Combining these different elements together in a single integrated platform, allows the simultaneous measurement of multiple enzymatic reactions using a small volume of blood (100 µl). 


Encapsulating the various sensors and precisely aligning the CMOS optical sensor with the open cavities of the reactions chambers of the microfluidic compartment, is the primary challenge from Sencio’s perspective. This allows the accurate measuring of photons generated by the chemiluminescence process. 


The project is also a great example of the potential for collaboration and supporting new businesses and technologies based on the Novio Tech Campus and the surrounding area. With health and medical technology companies a focus in the area, Sencio’s role in this project and the AMA Innovation Award winning MRCyte (Magnetic Flow Cytometry) project highlight our credentials in this exciting and innovation led market. 


You can always talk to us about how we can help get your medical application up and running.


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