Assembly landscape is changing

The landscape for semiconductor and sensor assembly is changing. On one hand we see the move to further miniaturization through wafer-scale packaging,

while on the other there is a move to more complex systems requiring hybrid packaging solutions. It is this second area where Sencio is focused; encapsulating complex (sensor) systems in a package outline tuned to the application.


The primary objective of semiconductor assembly is to protect the sensitive electronics (both the IC and the fragile wire bonds) by (plastic) encapsulation. However for sensors, complete encapsulation is often not an option as part of the sensor must be exposed to the medium it is measuring. Among the packaging technologies Sencio offers, exposed die molding allows the chip to be protected while leaving a clearly defined area of the sensor exposed.

Assembly landscape is changing

Of course increasingly packaging is much more than simply protecting the sensitive electronics. As we move to encapsulating complete systems on chip (SoCs) or systems in package (SiPs), in effect the whole semiconductor value chain is undergoing change. Taking this concept one step further, with nCapsulate Sencio allows additional mechanical functionality to be added to the (sensor) system assembly.


Changes like this to the packaging and assembly landscape bring with them a host of opportunities and challenges. Challenges that we believe our problem solving mentality can overcome and opportunities we hope to take full advantage of.

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