Joint learning delivers new RFID solution for NedCard

As a specialized semiconductor assembly and testing company, NedCard is a leading player in tailored chip card package solutions, mainly for banking, telecom and eGovernment.

When looking to expand their RFID portfolio to address the growing industrial supply-chain market, NedCard realized they would need to work with a proven plastic encapsulation partner. Not only to help develop the package, but to provide customer qualification samples and initial production. 


MicroSON-3 modules“With our background in chip card solutions, we were aware that moving to a fully plastic encapsulated package targeting UHF RFID industrial tagging and tracking applications would be a learning experience for us”, stated NedCard’s Manager New Business Development, Maarten Dolf Desertine. “Partnering with Sencio on this project helped to ensure that we successfully developed and launched our new MicroSON®-3 SMD package. It also gave us the ability to optimize the production process before copying it to the high-volume capacity lines we expect will be needed to meet demand for this solution.”


The NedCard team working on this project already knew Sencio and being a close neighbour it was rather easy to get the ball rolling. From an industry perspective this was a relatively straightforward project – a simple 3-terminal small outline SMD package. However, being used to larger, more complex systems this did result in several ‘new’ processes for Sencio.


MicroSON-3 tape and packages

It was the first time we needed to handle small RFID chips and encapsulate them in a 1.45 x 1.00 x 0.50 mm outline. That meant managing a lead frame with 4000 individual dies and investing in a new laser marker to cope with the very small outline. As a proven automotive supplier, dealing with the industrial temperature range requirements was relatively undemanding, but it was the first time dealing with Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 1 requirements on such a small encapsulated device.


Michiel van Kranenburg, Engineering Manager at Sencio commented, “Although this type of project is relatively straightforward, when you are doing something for the first time you always have a bit of nervous energy. However, the project went very smoothly from start to finish and is a great proof point to show Sencio’s flexibility when it comes to handling ‘standard’ and ‘complex’ encapsulation requirements”. 


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