Helping make 5G capabilities affordable


5G GaN2Sencio is contributing to a new development project aimed at advancing 5G (fifth generation) communications technologies – the 5G_GaN2 project. 5G is set to revolutionize all applications that use wireless communications, from autonomous driving to IoT and mobile networks. However, a major challenge in developing 5G systems is to bring affordable, high-performance millimeter wave (mm-wave) active antenna arrays into production.


5G_GaN2 aims to substantially lower the cost and power consumption, while increasing the output power of mm-wave active antenna systems. This will be achieved through the heterogeneous integration of state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies (GaN & Advanced CMOS) to create compact RF front-end demonstrators covering Ku, Ka, Q, E bands.


Another factor playing a key role in this solution’s capability is the packaging. Sencio is developing the packaging of a SIP for the project using innovative packaging technologies. While focusing on handling power dissipation, the package also needs to meet cost and integration targets.


We are very proud to be part of the consortium involved with the 5G_GaN2 project. Members span the complete value chain from wafer suppliers, semiconductor fabrication and system integrators, together with universities and research institutes.

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