Sensor packaging with a taste for bodily fluids!


Our ageing and health-conscious societies are relying on more and more sensors to measure the human body’s health functions. We see ‘medical’ sensors appearing in a whole range of consumer applications to measure pulse rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels to name just a few. But it is not just ‘tracking’ sensors that are becoming more prevalent.


One issue that is becoming increasingly important as the effects of conditions like diabetes often need to be measured before the intake of medicines. So the demand is for sensors that can measure how much medicine needs to be taken for correct treatment. Sensors that can handle more and more parameters and provide accurate measurements at the point of care (POC).


Most of these measurements will be based on blood or other body fluids. These are collected and then be analyzed immediately in increasingly complex and accurate lab-on-chip devices. But to enable this the sensor itself needs to interface with the liquid. Sencio’s nCapsulate technology is capable of forming an ideal interface between liquids flowing in microfluidic channels through or above the electronic sensor. Using our nCapsulate technology we have already developed an interface for blood measurement (MRCyte) and are working with Enzyre on another application, together with an interface for spittle measurements.


So if you are looking to develop a system with a taste for bodily fluids; we can help ensure you get the right flow from microfluidic chamber to sensor.


Microfluidic product example (MRCyte)

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