CEO update – influence of extreme testing complexity on packaging


Oliver MaiwaldElectronics systems continue to undergo greater miniaturization and higher integration. Unfortunately, this results in ever more complex testing. And nowhere more so than for sensor systems. Unlike standard ICs, sensor systems also present an additional and unique challenge. Given their nature, they require customized encapsulation and packaging.  But that means there are no packaging standards and in turn there are no general testers and handlers available for sensor systems.

CEO update – from packaging to problem solving

Oliver Maiwald - CEO SencioSencio is able to draw on over 30 years of experience, having effectively started out as the microcontroller and memory packaging specialist Eurasem back in 1987. Since that date we have been focused on solving our customers problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

CEO update – Autonomous driving and custom SIPs

Oliver Maiwald, CEO SencioThis year has certainly been busy. The first half of the year followed our expectations, but in the last six months we’ve seen a significant increase in interest for customized packaging solutions. This has been across the board, from MEMS and integrated sensor systems through to opto-electronics and RF modules. From our perspective one of the key contributing factors has to be advanced driving assistance

CEO update – Summer and gas sensors 

Summer is well and truly here, and the temperature has already been rising. I’m not sure if that was the reason, but gas sensors were the hottest topic at this year’s Sensor+Test exhibition. From environmental and air quality testing to a host of other applications, there was definitely a number of interesting developments. 

CEO update – the importance of automotive electronics


Oliver MaiwaldAnyone involved in the automotive electronics industry has known about the growing importance of electrical and electronic systems in the car. We have all seen the number of ECUs rise dramatically even within standard car models, with all aspects of the car seeing greater electrification. And of course, when you look at the trend to more (semi-) autonomous vehicles, this importance is only going to rise.  


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