CEO update – Summer and gas sensors 

Summer is well and truly here, and the temperature has already been rising. I’m not sure if that was the reason, but gas sensors were the hottest topic at this year’s Sensor+Test exhibition. From environmental and air quality testing to a host of other applications, there was definitely a number of interesting developments. 

Given some of the recent projects we have been working on at Sencio this didn’t come as a surprise to me.


While dedicated packaging for sensors has always been a key market for our functional packaging, in the past this has been more focused on fluid, pressure and optical sensors. Recently however we have seen more interest in functional packaging for gas sensors. Our proven exposed die molding technology meets automotive standards and can be used for both inert and active gases. And with nCapsulate we can create functional shapes that enable better measurement options as well as making it easier to integrate sensors into complete system modules.


We continue to see more and more sensors being used across the board, but incorporating them seamlessly into designs still appears to be a challenge. As a business partner from the start of the sensor developments, customers benefit from our expertise as a functional packaging center. 



I hope you all enjoy your summer break and we look forward to solving your packaging challenges later this year.



Oliver Maiwald


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