CEO update – Autonomous driving and custom SIPs

Oliver Maiwald, CEO SencioThis year has certainly been busy. The first half of the year followed our expectations, but in the last six months we’ve seen a significant increase in interest for customized packaging solutions. This has been across the board, from MEMS and integrated sensor systems through to opto-electronics and RF modules. From our perspective one of the key contributing factors has to be advanced driving assistance

systems (ADAS) and the trend towards autonomous driving.


With the likes of GM’s CEO talking about “Zero emissions. Zero crashes. Zero congestion” and offering a detailed vision of deploying large numbers of self-driving EVs in 2019, autonomous driving has really hit the headlines this year. Of course this requires a lot of advanced technology – from new and improved sensor systems right through to Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications ecosystems. And with the need for miniaturization, cost-reduction and enhanced system performance, a lot of people have been looking at the benefits of customized system-in-package solutions.


Closer to home, we have now been on the Novio Tech Campus for almost two years. During this time we have had the opportunity to talk to a number of new start-ups, spin-offs and existing NTC residents to see where we can help each other. While we are all aware of confidentiality issues, being able to look together at how we can address some of the technical challenges we all face has been a great success.


So I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a busy start for 2018.



Oliver Maiwald


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