CEO update – from packaging to problem solving

Oliver Maiwald - CEO SencioSencio is able to draw on over 30 years of experience, having effectively started out as the microcontroller and memory packaging specialist Eurasem back in 1987. Since that date we have been focused on solving our customers problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

This resulted in the first plastic packaged MEMS device for automotive in 1996. And as packaging options have evolved and footprints shrunk, we have continually pushed our capabilities and offering to match industry developments while maintaining our focus on addressing our customers’ needs. That’s seen developments such as protecting the interconnects of semiconductor devices, integrating several dies in one package (SIiP), moving to QFN outlines, and increasing overall robustness by integrating complete systems (sensor and ASIC) and adapting the package outline to the needs of the application.

It is this problem-solving attitude that we believe ensures we continue to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers. And as the industry moves to even more integrated solutions, combining both electrical and mechanical features into complete packaged plug’n’play modules, we look forward to helping solve your packaging and assembly challenges. 


Oliver Maiwald


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