Sencio – functional packaging takes on a new name


Nijmegen, the Netherlands, January 1st 2011 – Following a successful management buyout, Sencio BV has been founded as a privately funded, independent package design and assembly company. Sencio takes over the advanced assembly activities from Elmos

Advanced Packaging, a subsidiary of Elmos Semiconductor AG, a move achieved with the aid of Dutch financial investor Nimbus Hands-On Investors. The main focus area of Sencio will be packaging solutions for sensors and MEMS, particularly those used in automotive and industrial applications.


Sencio General Manager John Pleumeekers commented, “Up to the changeover, Elmos Advanced Packaging had reached a technology leadership position in the development and manufacture of special packages for semiconductors and sensors. Sencio will build on this strong foundation, growing our packaging activities in the coming years. We can draw on vast experience and expertise to support customers’ functional packaging requirements, protecting their IP and technology with ours.”


The company’s functional packaging solutions will satisfy customers’ requirements for optical or exposed die applications. Packages will be able to withstand challenging environments including heat and fluids. Sencio will work closely with customers to develop tailored solutions and will deliver plastic package designs for most sensor applications. They include globtop and glass-on-die overmolding, cavity and film molding, and multi-die packaging.


Among Sencio’s special skills is the ability to produce accurate and rugged cavity molding. Cavity molding protects the delicate components of a device while exposing the sensor, with cavity size and position tuned to individual sensor designs. Sencio will also be able to integrate entire systems including passive components, ICs and sensors in a single package.


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