MRCyte – Magnetic Flow Cytometry


The focus of this research project was to realize a point-of-care flow cytometer solution with integrated workflow that could enable clinicians to perform routine diagnostics at the bedside using currently hidden cellular biomarkers. Funded by the BMBF (Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research) the MRCyte project would challenge the current status quo of fluorescence flow cytometry.

Packaging 5G active antenna arrays cost-effectively 

Fifth generation (5G) communications technologies will provide high-speed internet access to a wide range of applications: from billions of low data rate sensors to high resolution video streaming. Designed to scale across these different use cases, the 5G network will use different radio technologies for each one.

Chemiluminescence biochip platform

Diagnosis and management of complex diseases has typically required sophisticated diagnostic testing in specialized laboratories. But people want more personalized treatment at the point of care. This requires new, cost effective, solutions that can be used by patients or caregivers at home, in hospitals, or even in areas without any laboratory infrastructure.

Packaging innovations 

When you consider there is no such thing as a ‘standard sensor’ design, then it can be difficult to imagine exactly how your final packaged product could look. This becomes more challenging when the actual packaging needs to play a functional role in sensor / MEMS operation. 

PAMPA - Plastic Components for Advanced Microwave Equipment of New Generation SatCom Payloads

Part of the Horizon 2020 programme, PAMPA was a two-year study on using plastic components for microwave equipment in telecom satellites. Operating in the 1 to 30 GHz range, they are used to receive microwave signals transmitted from Earth, process and convert them, then amplify them for retransmission back to the ground.

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