EuroPAT-MASIP – Manufacturing of Advanced System-In-Package

The European Packaging, Assembly and Test Pilot for Manufacturing of Advanced System-In-Package (EuroPAT-MASIP) project is a Europe-wide collaboration focusing on advanced packaging technologies for ICs and MEMS. It aims to accelerate the manufacturing uptake of these technologies and reduce time-to-market by demonstrating the new capabilities in application pilots. In doing so, the project will reinforce the European semiconductor

manufacturing position by encouraging collaboration within the European semiconductor and MEMS packaging ecosystem.


A key focus of the project is to develop six pilot products based on the needs of industry:

  • WLAN front-end IC
  • Silicon photomultiplier
  • Automotive inertial sensor
  • Camera
  • 60-GHz radar sensor
  • Car tyre sensor

Packaging requirements

At the heart of this project is the need to develop advanced System-in-Package (SiP) capabilities and solutions that address the unique needs of different sensors and applications, in a pragmatic and cost-effective way. As a proven supplier of innovative packaging solutions, Sencio brings an understanding of the current technologies and processes as well as insights into the challenges associated with heterogenous (3D) integration of components and the holistic approach to combined package and product modelling, design and testing.


Electronic Component Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking
European Commission Horizon 2020 programme


The EuroPAT-MASIP project involves a host of partners covering the entire packaging ecosystem from research institutes to wafer suppliers, semiconductor manufacturers and packing experts. You can find a full list of partners on the EuroPAT-MASIP website.

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