Packaging solutions for opto-electronics and photonics

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Among the challenges for encapsulating opto-electronics are mechanical support, environmental protection, thermal control, electrical connection and optical connection. This can clearly be seen in LED packaging, where the transparent and translucent casting resins need to meet stringent optical characteristics. Our various technologies e.g. exposed die molding, glass on die molding bring real benefits to opto-electronics and photonics applications.

On top of that nCapsulate provides you a freeform encapsulation that creates additional value by integrating the opto-electronic device directly into a system. Combined with additional technologies, nCapsulate forms the foundation of the ideal packaging solution for smart optical systems. Moldings are developed to the highest quality, leaving only the optical interface exposed. Furthermore, to meet your specific design requirements, packages can incorporate special structures to aid both lens placement and ensure accurate lens alignment.

Sencio has been developed solutions for automotive vision camera applications for some time, though of course our functional packaging solutions can be developed for a very wide range of markets. For example, industrial and medical systems can benefit from innovative use of photonic micro sensors combined with digital image processing.

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