Packaging solutions for sensors

The best functional package enables true sensor performance


Sensors are important components of systems across any number of markets – automotive, industrial, medical, (bio-) chemical and wearables, to name a few. Whatever your application’s requirements, having the correct package is vital to true performance. Whether your sensor is sensitive to stress, needs partial exposure to the environment, requires careful protection against hazardous gasses or aggressive fluids or is applied in harsh environments, packaging is key to a successful application.

Sensors range from fluid to gas measurement, magnetic to pressure, optical to chemical composition. We outline the benefits of our functional packaging solutions for just three of these types below.


Fluid sensors

Frequently in harsh environments such as corrosive gases or fluids, your fragile electronics, interconnects or ASICs are at great risk. Our special packaging provides maximum protection – with molding compounds specified for temperatures up to 200 °C – while allowing a well- defined area of your sensor fully exposed to the medium.


Optical sensors

With more than 30 million units functioning in cars worldwide, our proven exposed die molding and glass on die molding technologies are the most reliable approach for encapsulating optical sensors, even for use in harsh environments. While leaving the optical sensor array fully exposed, all remaining parts of the sensor die are safely encapsulated.


Pressure sensors

Functional packaging solutions for pressure sensors are ideal for harsh environments (large temperature differences, humidity, vibration, aggressive medium). Our solutions provide maximum protection to the sensor, signal processing ASIC and interconnects. The pressure port is exposed to the medium either directly or through a protective seal. Special precautions must be taken during the design and assembly to minimize stress and to ensure no detrimental effect on the final product’s functionality.

Would you like to learn more about how creative we are in solving your sensor packaging puzzle? Contact us today.



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