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The smaller the better with your sensor in a QFN


The general trend in the semiconductor industry is to move to smaller leadless devices. One of the most popular package outlines nowadays is the QFN (Quad Flat pack No lead). The process flow for the assembly of these packages differs from the leaded package flows because there is no need for a trim & form operation.


Furthermore, because the lead frame density (amount of products per lead frame) is much higher, QFN map molding improves assembly efficiency, resulting in a more cost-effective packaging solution than with leaded packages. We have the QFN process capability in-house to encapsulate your sensor system by using it in combination with the various encapsulation technologies – exposed die molding, glass on die, film molding. In this way a small sensor device can be realized.


Does your sensor system require further miniaturization?  Sencio’s sensor QFN approach can solve your problem. Would you like to learn how we solve your packaging puzzle? Contact us now.


QFN Map molding

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